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What Does Pyhigh Indoor Exercise Bike Give You?

1. The sturdiest bike with heavy-duty steel frame: 35lbs flywheel, Long-lasting TPI bearing, belt drive quiet system, extra fixing device to Avoid handlebar Wobble.

2. LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling

3. Adjustable Durable non-slip handlebar meets your every special. One bike fits all your family.

4. Simple installation needed-all tools and screws are included.Please follow the manual with clear every assembly steps.

5. 24 hours sale-service.

I love this bike! My next door neighbor got a Peloton and I was so envious when I tried it out. She pays almost 40 dollars a month for the required subscription to the classes online and paid almost 1800 with certain adds on. I in no way wanted to comitt to a subscription orrr that much money when I wasn’t sure I’d stick with cycling. My first bike was a very flinbsy Walmart cycle I spent 100 bucks on which did end up breaking quickly and was a terrible first try for cycling. When I found this the cost was fantastic for the style and look and I had high hopes THAT HAVE COME TRUE! Extremely solid bike. Does not wobble or move. No loud sounds, peddles are great, everythings adjustable, and I absolutely can say hands down for the dollar- you won’t get much closer to the Peloton in this price range! I found numerous FREE YouTube videos of virtual bike rides and I’m on this bike everyday twice. I’ve used it about 20 times so far and it’s just fantastic.

Perfectly adaptable for any environment

Indoor Cycling Bike-Exercise Bike Indoor Stationary Bike Trainer

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Offers you:

1.Adjustable Inseam Height Min 25 in / Max 38.4 in.

2.Fully 4 ways of Adjustable Seat and 2 ways of handlebars for comfort.

3.Smooth and reliable belt drive mechanism; 35 lb machine balanced flywheel for stability.

4.Heavy duty crank, TPI Bearing, PK Belt system ensure in a long run.

5.Heavy duty transport wheels for easily mobility

6.Max User Weight: 280 lbs;Assemble Size:40.94" x 21.65" x 46.1"

7.Caged Non-Slip Pedals, Safety is the most important.

8.Multi-Functions Monitor: Scan,Time,Speed(M),Distance,Calories and Odometer.